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Ride Ride the House Down

I don’t know about you, but this summer has been absolutely wild. Could it be because I turned thirty? Or because I celebrated one year of living in Los Angeles, a city in which any potential bout of depression melts away from the daily sun? OR, maybe Megan Thee Stalion just really has us all feeling our “hot girl summer” oats. Even with summer coming to a close, I cannot conceive any reason to slow down. In fact, a new collaboration between gay dj/producer Karsten Sollors and trans icon KC Ortiz has me feeling like summer is just getting started.

Serving us raw Chicago house through and through, the four-track EP “RIDE RIDE” features a radio edit (which should undoubtedly be picked up for Euphoria’s season two soundtrack, as the two minute mark of the song conveys the fantasy, “guys, GUYS, it’’s kicking in”), a longer, nastier edit by Gettoblaster, whose consistent, rubber band beat is reminiscent of the classic Sega Genesis game, Toejam & Earl (which is already psychedelic af), as well as stripped/instrumental versions.

Sollors and Ortiz have been flourishing within their own hot boy/girl summers. If you follow Sollors on social media, you’ll see him eating good, working out, on an airplane, or djing a party/club. Wash/rinse/repeat. No drama, mama - who has time when you’re booked and busy? Ortiz is also always turned-up and turned on, holding down the queer scene in her hometown of Chicago. When she isn’t hosting events or performing, she’s dropping new music seemingly non-stop. Just a few weeks prior to this collab with Sollors, Ortiz surprised us with a new single produced by the iconic LCD Soundsystem.

RIDE RIDE EP is out on Roger Sanchez’s label “UNDR THE RADR”. Keep reading for the interview and a link to the pussy-popping / ball-bouncing banger.

- What inspired RIDE RIDE?

KC: When I first wrote the song I was going for a more “crunk”, knuck if you buck, tear the club up type vibe. Lol Karsten was like, "yea, lets not go that way and think more music festival, fun times, summer…"

Karsten: At the end of the year (2018) I was really wanting to write a track with a more groovy tech house feel, something that almost sounded like breakbeats with a hip hop feel to it. I was getting really inspired by 90s west coast rap synth-lines and wanted to write one of my own.  Once I finished the track I knew I needed a rapper and was having some trouble trying to find the right sample to fit. Something KC Ortiz released had popped up in my socials and it just sort of clicked for me. I reached out to her immediately to see if she’d be interested in working on the project. She very quickly came up with the lyrics and with a few back-and-forths we were in the studio a few weeks later recording her vocal parts. I sent the final cut to Roger Sanchez and he signed it right away as an EP for his imprint Undr The Radr. A month or so later I played a show in Chicago at Prysm Nightclub with the Gettoblaster boys and they had offered me a remix of one of their upcoming tracks. They have a super cool booty/ghetto house sound and I thought it made perfect sense for me to ask them to be on the ‘RIDE RIDE’ project. They came up with a banging mix that fits effortlessly on the EP. I’m so happy with how it came together. The support has been incredible from heavy weight djs such as Claptone, Erick Morillo, Mark Knight, Riva Starr, Claude VonStroke, Mat.Joe, Grum, Paco Osuna, Richie Hawtin, Joris Voorn, Wongo, Kryder, Vanilla Ace, Roog, Golf Clap and many more. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it does in the charts!

- One of Ortiz’s lines emphatically exclaims, “tell me what’s your purpose?” What is your purpose?

KC: In this day of social media, everyone is trying to be what they see on Instagram, everyone is so busy trying to be what they see online that they rarely stop to think what is MY purpose? What am I put on this earth for? We all have unique things that we're designed to do and to try constantly to be someone else is a total disservice to what you were created to do.

Karsten: I have so many purposes, I don’t think in life we just have one. I’m deeply committed to health and wellness and have found a certain balance in my life that has taken years to get to. With that, I am happy to help and inspire others when they need it. People always need to do what’s right for them on any given moment. With music, I travel around the world intentionally sharing certain energy to help lift and empower people on my dance floors. I love building energy and creating safe spaces for people to party, let loose, and let go.

- You really don’t seem to slow down. What keeps you going?

KC: That’s funny to hear because from my point of view things are slowly moving. I am ready to be in the fast lane, but music is my driving force and I know I was put here to create music and to help others. I know its bigger than me, my purpose isn’t just for me, there are many people connected to my dream and me giving up would affect them as well. It would be selfish for me to stop.

Karsten: I’ve been in this nightlife world since I was an early teen. 22 years later, I’ve been through all the perspectives of what this lifestyle offers.  Now, making music and touring the world playing it gives me the opportunity to share my music/vibe on a whole different level and it’s something hold dear and take very seriously. It's about the love for me, and that naturally keeps me going.  

- Can we expect other collabs between you two in the future?

KC: Yes! I am so in love with this project and if it ain't broke, don’t fix it!

Karsten: Yes, I’d love that. Kaycee is such a professional and it was a breeze to put this EP together with her. I have a lot of projects on the go but as soon as things chill out a bit I’ll be writing something with her name on it!

- What’s next?

KC: I am working on new music for now. I am always creating. I don’t think I can even turn myself off. 

Karsten: I’m currently on an airplane on route to Edmonton, Canada to play there tonight – It’s going to end up being an unofficial record release party for the EP. I’m playing in Calgary tomorrow night and then Sunday I'm in Sacramento, Cali. The touring continues to ramp up after a crazy summer with shows around North America, Central / South America and Asia. I also have a number of releases set to come out including a remix for the Gettoblaster boys who remixed RIDE RIDE on the EP.  Of course much more steady time in the studio to get my releases going for 2020!



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